The NorServ Group, Ltd. is a private out-patient clinic in St. Clair, Michigan. Our group comprised of multidisciplinary professionals, all licensed in the State of Michigan. Established in 1988, our mission is to provide comprehensive, holistic mental health services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. NorServ Group, Ltd. is accredited by CARF International (www.carf.org).
Our mission objectives include:
- To provide goal directed mental health services, utilizing a multidisciplinary, holistic approach with the consumer.
- To provide mental health services that are focused on the self-sufficiency and self-determination of the consumer in relationship to their environment.
- To provide specialized services for families, including therapeutic interactions, support, education, and advocacy.
- To provide consultation, technical assistance and other programs essential to the enhancement of management and service delivery of organizations.

Clinical Counseling Services:
Counseling services are available for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Specialists are provided for children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Our group is comprised of multidisciplinary professionals, all licensed in the State of Michigan. Our staff members also specialize in working with a variety of mental health issues. When a consumer calls for an appointment, a few basic questions will be asked to afford the most effective match with a clinician to meet the consumer's need(s). Call (810) 329-4798 for confidential information.

Parenting Education and Coaching:
Building stronger families is a goal of NorServ. One way to do this is to help parents feel more capable and supported with the challenges they face. NorServ offers parenting education and parent coaching in individual and family formats.

Pre- and Post- Adoption Services:
NorServ recognizes that there are three key parties in any adoptive circumstance. For the birthparent(s), NorServ can assist with the emotional issues related to making an adoption plan for the child. We also recognize these types of plans may have been made many years ago, and there may be some unresolved loss. We can assist with these issues.

For those wanting to become an adoptive parent, NorServ supports recruiting individuals and couples for the child placement agencies in St. Clair County. For information regarding becoming an adoptive parent, call (810) 966-2000 at St. Clair County Dept. of Health and Human Services. For current adoptive parents, individual, family and group counseling services are available. These services are available for both pre-adoptive and post-adoptive parents and families.

For the adoptee (child/adolescent), NorServ offers individual, family and group counseling services and have staff trained specifically in this area. For counseling services, call (810) 329-4798. All calls are confidential. Special funding may be available for domestic adoptions from the child welfare system.